18 feb. 2016

Apartment 108

by Rodolphe Parente

Amazing collection of contemporary design objects, on an eclectic and bright set up that almost look unconnected... but the thing is that each go them have an song character on its own and its what makes them work together. This will be my ideal one bedroom flat. Investing on good design it is going to be my thing!

3 feb. 2016

Steirereck restaurant

by PPAG architects

Why not designing a restaurant with desirable tables everywhere!

2 feb. 2016

Jason Martin

Recently I have seen Jason Martin both on this year London Art Fair and the recent past edition of Frieze London... and I think it is a worth investing piece of work.

29 ene. 2016

Potafiori Milan

Amazing interior by Storage Associatti architects from Milan. Strong conceptual space of bar and restaurant, where a complex simplicity of materials superposed in different layers create a rich interior that is worth to study.

15 ene. 2016

Architecture Porn

served by the new Pritzker Architecture Price 2016: Alejandro Aravena

Innovation Center UC

Above all the sense of space of this building is impressive. It is the roughness of its materiality and the maximum expression of a conceptual building, which it is taking on its complete honesty of a strong design.

8 ene. 2016

Intersected Images by Davide Trabucco

Fun and interesting exercise from a student of architecture at the University of Bologna featured at designboom.

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